Heregyth Ketilsdottir spinning a tale Heregyth Ketilsdottir spinning a tale
Court Date: 2/24/2018 (Court #1)
Event Name: Lupercalia
Presenting Royalty: Kaydian and Cassandra
Heralded by: HE Guenievre du Dragon Vert, assisted by Lady Derbáil ingen Néill
Signet: THL Muirenn ingen Fhairchellaig

Court of HRM Kaydian, with TRH Yngvar and Luce at Lupercalia on the 24th day of the 52nd year of our Society.

Hear the words of Their Majesties Northshield: "On February 24th, 2018, We, Kaydian and Cassandra, issue a Royal Sanction: Exile from the Realm against Paul DeBaere, known in the Society as Hallbjorn Egillson. The sanction will expire on April 14th, 2018." 

Zhu Minhu made off with the treasure chest, but the children of Northshield chased her down.

Two newcomers were presented with mugs.

Awards Presented

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