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October Missive

Yehudah Khagan and Hrodir Bek speak to the great lands of Northshield.

As it is our rights, we have called for a great tourney to determine a Bek and Khagan to follow us when our season is done. We have sent our riders to all corners, and they have returned to us the names of the worthies. We approve of all of the brave free folk of the lands and will stand by them when steel and grace show them to be the most worthy. Read now the names of those who will bravely stand upon the field and fight to hold it in the end.

Duke Konrad Der Lowe von Ulm for THL Aibhilin Fhionn
Countess Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan for Count Rhys ap Owein ap Gwyn
Sir Kaydian Bladebraker for Mistress Cassandra Antonelli
Sir James Applegate for THL Aneira verch Aeddan ap Afagddu ap Bran
HE Ansila the Goth for HE Asny Hafdansdotter
THL Geo.rey de la Brugge for Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville
THL Togashi Ichiro for Lady Elizabeth Fischer
THL Svein Tunheim de Bohun for THL Medhbh inghean ui NĂ©ill
HL Corydon Rathbone for HL Typhaine Arondel
THL Refkell Melrakki Einarsson for Lady Jehanette de Provins
THL Vilhelm Gunnarsson for THL Christiana Melville
THL Olaf Kristsson for Lady Aesa Olafskona
Lady Adalia Solario for THL Asdis Karsadottir
Lord Magnus Einarsson for Lady Adalia Solario

We have also been well pleased at the celebrations of our Investment, and the great and mighty works of the people that wrought such a thing for us. We are sure that they will be remembered in song and story for many years to come.

In our travels we look to you, the free people of these lands. We would know your stories, hear your songs, and join in your laughter. We would also know what we can do to make this gift a better one. How may we inspire you? Who is deserving of praise and song? Or needs a hand up in time of need. We are not just the Khagan and Bek but YOUR Khagan and Bek and we are here for all the people. To help enrich you and all of the land. You but have to bring us your counsel and we will do what is in our power to do.

The lands of our world have five decades behind them now. Five decades of wonder, amazement, and friendship. But it has not always been equal for everyone. We hope to see this change with the time to come. Let not your dream be confined in false boundaries. Let not your voice be caged within your chest. Let not your eyes rest upon the ground. Yehudah Khagan and Hrodir Bek say to each and all, look high and far to see where your dream will carry you. Sing and shout your joys across the lands and echo with others. Dream your dreams that others said you cannot, and show all the world. We have seen the start of this, carried by the strong brave folk that have fought for all dreams to be equal. We have been shown that greatness is carried by all, and but needs a chance to grow. We now stand with these great heroes, telling their stories, singing their words, and carrying their hopes. But it will take more than our hands, we need more. We need every hand there is in these lands. We need you to not just hold this gift, but share it with everyone, till it .lls not just our lands, but all the lands.

We look to you!
Yehudah Kaghan
and Hrodir Bek

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Posted by: Hrodir and Yehudah Their Royal Majesties on 9/12/2016

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