Martial Activities

Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons (rattan armored combat) practices are Sunday afternoon, weather permitting. Contact the Knight Marshal for current scheduled locations.

Rapier practices are TBA currently, we do have a number of rapier fighters in our local group.

Other martial activities:

  • Archery
  • Thrown weapons
  • Equestrian
  • Greyhound coursing


Arts and Sciences

A wide variety of arts are currently practiced by group members or information is available via the group.
The monthly fiber arts meeting in Sioux Falls happens the last Friday of each month, contact the Arts & Sciences minister for more information. Other arts activities are scheduled on a more random basis, information about those activities are in FaceBook groups.

Some of the Arts and Sciences:

  • Armoring, metalworking & jewelry
  • Sewing, costuming & embroidery
  • Fiber arts, weaving, knitting & nalbinding
  • Brewing & vinting
  • Cooking
  • Calligraphy & illumination
  • Music & bardic activities
  • Heraldry
  • Herbalism