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Want to know more about the SCA, what some of the terminology means or the things we do? The links below explain more about the SCA and what we do. Anyone can join, the SCA is represented by a broad cross section of people of all ages, who all have an interest in our activities and exploring history.

Need some assistance, have questions or want to find out more about joining? Contact our group Chatelaine.

General manners & feast ettiquette
Children at SCA events
Pets at SCA events

Life in the Current Middle Ages, an overview of the SCA
What is the SCA, from
Advice to newcomers (pdf)
What is all this weird jargon, terms and names in the SCA (pdf)
Your teenager and the SCA - some answers for parents (pdf)
Border Downs Google Group (email list)

Information and assistance for the news media:

SCA media relations page
Border Downs Chatelaine
SCA Media Relations Officer