Shire of Midewinde

Moorish Tavern (Google Site with pre registration information)

When: 06/19/2014 -  06/22/2014

Where: Lake Metigoshe State Park

#2 Lake Metigoshe State Park

Botineau, ND 58318

Site Fee: Adults (ages 16+) $10, Minors (under age 16) free

Non-member surcharge of $5 applies


Feast fee: $15

Dorm fee: $6 per bed per night

Camping fee: $12 non-electrical campsite per night

Camping fee: $20 electrical campsite per night (limited quantities)


Planned Activities:

Armored Combat Prize Tourneys

Rapier Prize Tourneys

Cut and Thrust Prize Tourneys


A&S Display

Return of the Period Encampment Challenge

Ladies Tea

Bardic Activities

Bardic smack down during feast

Youth Activities



Event Steward: THL Ansila the Goth and THL Thorbjorn

Feast Steward: Don Pierro Verrochi and Lord Johannes Wolfgang Von Hopp

Land Czar: THL Asny Hafdansdotter

Royalty Liaison: THL Asny Hafdansdotter

Registration Czar: THL Asny Hafdansdotter

Armored MIC: THL Ansila the Goth

Rapier MIC: Lord John Motley

Cut & Thrust MIC: Don Pierro Verrochi