Magisterfrater Giles Devon, on the archery line Magisterfrater Giles Devon, on the archery line

Mermaid's Retreat

Hosted by: Shire of Turm an dem See

Start Date: 5/29/2015 Thru End Date: 5/31/2015 50
Camp Sinawa
9113 Camp Sinawa Rd
Valders WI 54245

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Archery , Arts & Sciences Competition , Classes , Rapier Combat , Thrown Weapons

Honorarium of Lord Gabriel Cordoba: Be Who You are!


Mermaids Retreat: an event to come to and be the best of who you are and what you want to do in the Society.  The theme this year is to do what you like to do.  Let all come and share the knowledge and skills you have decided are fun.


We want to share one of Lord Gabriel’s passions: gaming!  On Friday Evening, in the Great Hall, please bring your favorite period games to teach, share, and play together in celebration of fun and life.


We will have all of the activities that you have come to love as part of Mermaids: fighting, classes, feast, camp fires, storytelling, silent auction, arts & sciences display, Miss Mermaids Contest, and more as we can plan and fit into one weekend.


Mark your calendars, May 29th to May 31st!


Weekend rates:

Site Fee:

Adults: $15.00

Kids 5 to 17: $8.00

Under 5: Free!!!

Weekend Site Fee Family Cap: $50.00

Non-member Surcharge: $5.00


Tents: $5.00 each

Cabins $35.00


Saturday Day Rate:

Site Fee:

Adults $10.00

Kids $5.00


Feast: information to come


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