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This office will be responsible for overseeing newcomer recruiting/education and demonstration activities in Northshield, and assisting the Seneschal and local groups with public relations activities. The Kingdom Chatelaine acts as an information and idea resource for local Chatelaines, keeps records of newcomer and demo activities as submitted by local groups, and generally fosters a welcoming attitude towards the general public and newcomers to the SCA and the Kingdom. The Kingdom Chatelaine: 
  • Is a resource to all local Chatelaines, individually and as a group through Chatelaine meetings and an online presence (currently a closed Facebook group)
  • Requests, reviews, and summarizes local reports into a report to the Society Chatelaine
  • Handles incoming website requests by answering questions and referring newcomers to their local groups
Please send applications to the Kingdom Seneschal. This will remain open until filled.


This position is responsible for sending notifications of accepted or returned submissions to submitters when they have been ruled on - both at the Kingdom and the Laurel level. Isendun is a deputy to Keythong Herald. Time commitment: about 2 hours per month.

Key skills and knowledge for the successful applicant:
1) Regular and consistent access to the internet and email in order to facilitate communication with Keythong and Submitters
2) Familiarity with and access to the OSCAR commenting system. While helpful, past commenting experience is not necessary.
3) Access to the College of Arms Letters of Acceptance and Return
4) Familiarity with the SENA rules for evaluation of submissions in order to assist submitters with changes to returned names and devices

Please send applications to the Polaris Herald. Applications will be accepted through June 30th.


Compass Herald is the General Deputy for Polaris Herald and will assist with the administration of the Northshield College of Heralds. In addition, this deputy may be requested to fill in for Polaris Herald when that officer is not available. Estimated time commitment: about 1 hour per week.

Please send applications to Polaris Herald. This will remain open until filled.

Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister on 1/1/1900

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