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The Kingdom Signet is a senior deputy to Polaris Herald and frequently coordinates with Their Majesties regarding scroll needs. This officer is responsible either in their own person or their deputies for coordination of scroll production or assignments for projected royal courts, assigning day signets for royal courts, and making sure completed scrolls arrive for scheduled royal courts. The signet attends court meetings to ensure scrolls are signed and sealed. The Signet also maintains the list of backlog scrolls that need to find their owners and arrange to get those scrolls to the individuals they belong to. May also assist Peers with finding scribal resources for commissioned scrolls and assist local scribes with resources or educational opportunities. Estimated Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per week plus one event per month minimum.

Applications due to Polaris Herald no later than Spring Coronation.


The Clerk of Precedence maintains the Order of Precedence (OP) data ensuring all awards are listed in the OP within 1 week after receiving the Court Report from the Herald-in-Charge for Kingdom and Baronial Courts or a correction from a member of the populace. Estimated time commitment: about 1 hour per week.

Please send applications to Polaris Herald. Deadline to apply is May 1st.


Compass Herald is the General Deputy for Polaris Herald and will assist with the administration of the Northshield College of Heralds. In addition, this deputy may be requested to fill in for Polaris Herald when that officer is not available. Estimated time commitment: about 1 hour per week.

Please send applications to Polaris Herald. This will remain open until filled.

Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister on 1/1/1900

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