Semi-final bout at Crown, Fall 2007 Semi-final bout at Crown, Fall 2007

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This office is responsible for coordinating the royal presence at significant events between the months of September and April. This would primarily include coordinating the Northshield presence at Gulf Wars but could also include any other event that would include camping. In events within the borders of Northshield they are tasked with coordinating camping for the royal family. Outside the borders of the kingdom they are tasked with coordinating the camping events for the kingdom. This office has commonly been enacted in an unofficial capacity for Gulf Wars and the Gulf Wars Land Mayor. The term of office for this post is 2 years; if the officer cannot attend in person then they are expected to establish a deputy who will carry out these duties. Open until filled - Send your application to the Kingdom Seneschal


Should have experience with writing or editing, printing or publishing experience, which may be in SCA publications, balance and judgment in matters political, regular contact with Kingdom activities, reliable email/internet access, administrative experience, attention to detail,and strong communication skills.  Knowledge of InDesign is desired but not required. The Kingdom Chronicler should also have the ability to meet the ongoing requirements of the Kingdom Chronicler position, primarily, but not limited to: 1. Monthly publication or supervision of the monthly publication of the Kingdom newsletter; 2. Timely responses to inquiries and communications; 3.Annual submissions to the Society Chronicler for the Master William Blackfox Awards; 4. Monitoring of newsletters within the Kingdom for policy compliance;and 5. Monitoring and participation in discussions on the KChron e-list forKingdom Chroniclers which is maintained by the Society Chronicler. Applications should be submitted to Their Royal Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal.


The Editor of the Northwatch is a Lesser Officer to the Chronicler and is responsible for carrying out the Chronicler’s functions related to publishing the Northwatch. Applications should be submitted to Their Royal Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal.


The Historian/Archivist is a Lesser Officer to the Chronicler and is responsible for updating the kingdom history on the website and for other projects. Applications should be submitted to Their Royal Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal.


In charge of all aspects of Heraldry in Northshield, reports quarterly to Laurel Sovereign and Their Royal Majesties, sits on Stallari council to advise Northshield Royalty. Inquiries and applications should be sent to the Polaris Herald. Applications should be received by October 31.


Responsible for all aspects of the Kingdom Exchequer.Kingdom Exchequer duties include, but are not limited to, financial oversight of the Kingdom and its assets; ensuring compliance to Financial Policies;reporting compliance for all Kingdom Branches; compilation of reports for all the Branches and the Kingdom accounts; and maintaining and updating Kingdom Financial Policy (in accordance with Society Financial Policy) and Kingdom Budgets. Applications should be submitted to the Kingdom Exchequer, Kingdom Seneschal, Their Majesties and Their Highnesses. If you have questions about the position, please contact the Kingdom Exchequer.


Responsible for assisting the Kingdom Exchequer with reporting compliance and providing local assistance in problem mediation and resolution for Branches in Minnesota. Applications should be sent to the Kingdom Exchequer. Questions should be directed to the Kingdom Exchequer and the current Central Regional Exchequer. Deadline –November 1, 2015, with the changeover in either November or December.


The Media Relations Deputy is responsible for distributing press-kit materials to local groups and individuals and also be a contact person for any questions from local groups about working with the media. This person will ensure all reportable events are communicated to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Deputy Society Seneschal for Media Relations. This includes all contact with the media. This deputy is also responsible for making sure all groups report any media contact within the seven day policy. If anything happens that could produce negative media, this person contacts the Deputy Society Seneschal for Media Relations immediately and does what he/she can to prevent any negative publicity. This person is also the main media contact for the Kingdom of Northshield. More information about this position available in the "Media Relations and External Publicity" policy from the Society Seneschal. If you are interested in this office, please send applications to the Kingdom Seneschal. Open until filled.


Maintains the criteria/handbook of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Divisional and Triathlon Tourney and organizes the arts and sciences portion for the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Divisional and Triathlon Tourney. Regulates the MoAS positions of the various groups. Ensures that the Baronial groups maintain a lawful MoAS at all times and that said ministers will report on a regular basis. Ensures that the laws and policies of Northshield are observed. Sits on the Stallari Council and gives council as needed to Their Majesties. Acts as a contact for groups and for the members pf the populace in questions about the various arts. Acts as a liaison to other Kingdoms regarding the Arts and Sciences. Reports to the Society MoAS on a regular basis, per corpora. Deadline for submission: January 3, 2016. Changeover at Spring Coronation. Inquiries and applications should be sent to the current Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences.

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