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The Cartographer is a lesser office to the Seneschal and is responsible for creating Kingdom maps and updating Kingdom Zip codes. The Cartographer reports to the Kingdom Seneschal. This is primarily an administration/hands on role. The Cartographer is responsible for ensuring that the following duties are completed by themselves. 


  • Ensure consistent and reliable up-time for the kingdom maps and zip codes. 

  • Create consistent and reliable Progress Maps for monarchs.

  • Ensure consistent and reliable change histories, repositories, and backups are maintained. 

  • Ensure that the kingdom maps and zip codes meet the needs of the kingdom officers and populace 

  • Ensure consistent and reliable communication with Seneschal and their staff 

  • Facilitate maintenance, updates, and compliance requirements to the kingdom website 

  • Compile and maintain annual reports for the Kingdom Seneschal as required. 

  • Provide insight on border disputes or questions. 

WORKLOAD: The workload will vary but expect to put in an average of 3-6 hours per month. This position does not require travel.


Kingdom Map: 

  • Occurrence: Annually and as needed. Current map was updated Summer 2020, as groups change, updates will be needed. Annual review/comparison when the Membership report is released. 

  • Specifics: Uploaded image should avoid as much intricate detail as possible to avoid confusion. The current website is limited, so a clear, concise image showing borders and major highways is ideal. As long as territories are labeled, a key wouldn’t be required here. 

  • Submission: The cartographer has website access to upload the Kingdom map. 

  • Additional info: A current project is to create a high def .pdf for printing official kingdom maps from, as well as upload for zooming in. Something compliant on the new website when released. Secondly, a large cloth reproduction for court as the other is outdated. 

Group Maps: 

  • Occurrence: As needed as groups change. Yearly review should take place when paid membership reports are released. Usually in the spring. 

  • Specifics: These are also plain for use on the website. They should show the whole territory, with any major road or waterways included. You can label as many cities as you like, but the more populated cities of the area should be included. Once website capabilities are increased, more detail can be added to individual maps. 

  • Submission: The cartographer has access to upload maps to individual groups. 

  • Additional info: A current project on the list is to make “official” maps for each group that shows group info, kingdom info, and devices. The office would like each group to have something they can show off at demos or recruiting events. 

Progress Maps:

  • Occurrence: Every reign, beginning with Crown Tournament (Installed as Prince/Princess) through Crown Tournament (Stepping Down).

  • Specifics: Map should show all stops from each person, signifying which crown was at each and if they were a monarch or heir. Out of kingdom events can be shown with an arrow or inset map. Each event should have the official name and date. 

  • Submission: Submit to the Webminister for website upload and present to Their Majesties at Final Crown or shortly after. 


  • Occurrence: Annual at Domesday

  • Specifics: A list of Kingdom Zip Codes, based off the updated kingdom map. This can be an excel file, including: Group name, Zip Code, City Name, and State. (Canada uses Postal Codes, their Province should be listed. Currently, the Canadian Postal Code list is inaccurate). 

  • Submission: Submit to the Kingdom Seneschal by Domesday due date. 

Tools of the office: 

  • Microsoft Excel

  • GIS program- Currently using QGIS – free open access. 

  • Photo Manipulating Program – Currently using GIMP – free open access. 


  • A technical background in GIS processes and data management/reporting - particularly ArcMap/QGIS

  • Proficiency with photo manipulating programs – such as GIMP, Photoshop and Paint

  • General knowledge of Cartography practices. 

  • Dependable email access and high-speed internet access. 

  • Demonstratable experience maintaining and manipulating a GIS database. 

  • Moderate proficiency with Google Sheets and similar spreadsheet applications 

  • Moderate proficiency with Google Docs and similar word processing applications 

  • Ability to clearly communicate verbally and in writing, i.e. in person and via email, phone, and in written reports 

  • Dependable social media access is nice to have but not required 

  • Working knowledge of relevant procedures and processes 

RESPONSES If interested, please forward your SCA resume and application letter to [] for consideration. This posting will remain open until filled.


Release Deputy

We are looking for a gentle to be a special, temporary deputy of the Chronicler. This deputy will work with the File Clerk and create the database for releases used in the Kingdom. The time commitment is not known and the position will conclude when the project has completed. Projected end date 12/31/20.

Skills needed:
- Organizational skill
- Use of Office 365/Teams

Applications accepted until 8/25/20
Send applications to

Disabilities Issues Deputy
Inquiries and applications should be sent to the Kingdom Seneschal. Open until filled.

Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister on 1/1/1900

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