Dafydd ap Gwalchmai, Viscount Northshield Dafydd ap Gwalchmai, Viscount Northshield

Officers' Day 2005

Hosted by: Forming Group of Stromfels (Disbanded)

Start Date: 10/15/2005 Thru End Date: 10/15/2005 40
Hagestad Student Center - UWRF
Casade Avenue @ Oak Street
River Falls WI

Planned Activities: Classes

The greatest source of the strength of Northshield is her people, who give of their time and talents to see to it that our kingdom grows and prospers. Some serve by making armor for new fighters, or clothing for new members; others, by inspiring interest in the arts they practice. One of the quietest, and yet most important, ways of service is to accept the responsibilities of an office. If you are now an officer in your local group, or you think you might one day wish to do so, we request your attendance at Officers' Day 2005.

Site Fee: $7.00. Members receive $3.00 off. Children under 12 - Free.

Schedule:8:30 - Gate opens 9:00 - Orientation 9:15 - First class session 11:00 - Second class session 12:30 - Lunch break 1:45 - Third class session 3:30 - Fourth class session 5:00 - Wrap-up 6:00 - Event over

During the class sessions, you'll have the opportunity to meet with your kingdom and regional superiors, and fellow officers. You'll discuss the requirements of the office, look at opportunities to assist your local group, and brainstorm solutions to any difficulties you might have.

Throughout the day, there will also be classes on topics of immediate interest to officers.

Note: Officers' Day is a business meeting, and the requirements for pre-16th Century costume are relaxed. Please feel free to attend in modern clothing.

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