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Saint Katharine's Day

Hosted by: Shire of Western Keep (merged with Trewint)

Start Date: 11/4/2006 Thru End Date: 11/4/2006 41
Volga Community Center
109 Samara Ave
Volga SD 57071

Planned Activities: Bardic Activities , Classes

Saint Kathrine's Day is an event to celebrate merry-making and foolery. A wonderful day to relax and enjoy and play practical jokes. A day of singing and playing games of all sorts.

Inside activities include games of all sorts on tables for use throughout the day, classes (if we can get the teacher away from the games), and A&S display. Outdoor activities include Stupid Human Tricks, mounted archery (no real horses involved), mace throw, and games we make up as we go.

Site is $5 per person ($8 if non-member). Merchants are welcome but indoor space is limited (no merchant fee). No site fee for Children under 12.

The day ends with the traditional Saint's feast, where during the meal you check under your plate for your rondel. This tells you want you'll be requested to do during the feast to entertain the other feasters. They include (but not limited to) telling a joke, a story, doing a quick skit, or charades. Prizes will be given based on populace voting (in the absence of any nobility/royalty).

Feast is Italian $7 per plate (optional $3 children's meal deal if reserved in advance with the feastocrat). Feastocrat is Lady Nicholaa O'Kelton at mommymouse75@gmail.com or (605)698-7396 for special food considerations or if you want your children fed for under $7.

The night ends with the traditional jumping of the candle. To call forth the Saint to bless you with luck for the comming year, you must jump over the candle without the flame going out. The only rule is you can NOT go over the candle in a straight line.

Questions, comments, and advance reservations should be sent to the autocrat Lord Aengus Mac Gregor (Tim Scott)at PO Box 96, Sinai SD 57061 phone (605) 826-4108 email to aengusus@yahoo.com

Site is handicapped accessible and dry (as much as we love a rocking party, you do have to drive home afterwards).

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