Mask at Masquerade II Mask at Masquerade II

Bardic Blades III

Hosted by: Shire of Dreibrucken

Start Date: 9/19/2014 Thru End Date: 9/21/2014 49
Stone Butte Ranch

Elgin ND 58533

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Archery , Arts & Sciences Display , Bardic Activities , Rapier Combat

*Please note the different location this year-the Makoshika site is inaccessible due to road construction. The event will be at Makoshika site next year.*

For the third year, the border region between Northshield and Artemisia is the site of a raid. Despite the best efforts of the western army of Northshield, the warriors of Artemisia were able to fend off last year's invasion. This year, flush with their victory, Artemisia is returning the favor, raiding deep into Northshield's rich western lands.

Come to our event and camp along the beautiful North Cannonball River in Elgin, ND. Stone Butte Ranch is a beautiful site.

This is a camping event with limited cabins (3) available for rent. The site has toilets, running water and showers.

There is a main hall for indoor activities, and for feast. If the weather is nice, we may feast out under the stars.

Some noteworthy additions to this site, is that it allows and has facilities for equestrian and we are having equestrian. 

Also, if you want to bring your camper, we have places for parking campers.

**The northern plains in September can see cool weather. Please pack garb and camping gear appropriate to a range of temperatures.**

Event Fees

Site Fee: $15/person ($60 max/family)

Camping Fee: $10/tent (one time pay for the whole event).

Feast Fee: $15/person ($60 max/family, lap sitters free). Feast is capped at 40 people. Pre-pay by 9/5/14 is the only way to pre-reg.

Cabin Fee: There are three cabins on site; all have electricity, beds enough for 5 people (floor space for more), mini-kitchens, and heat. Two have running water and sinks. Cabins with running water $100 night. Cabin without running water $75/night. Pre-pay by 9/5/14 is the only way to pre-reg.

Equestrian Fee: $10/per horse. ($30 max) 

Equestrian contact: Arbon(Tracy Hsu) (701-426-2015)

Checks payable to: SCA, Shire of Dreibrucken

Reservations/deadlines: Feast and cabin pre-pay by Sept 5, 2014

Event Stewardess: Erin Kuetemeyer ( (701)400-1018)

Feast Steward: Roy Fisher ( (406) 480-1341)


Feast is as follows (All menu items subject to change at cooks’ whim.)

First remove: soup as yet undisclosed and grilled salad with vinaigrette 

Second remove: meats cheeses and breads

Third remove: smoked homegrown chicken with Mediterranean zucchini (may get changed to grilled with olive oil and herbs depending on facilities)

Fourth remove: treacle tarts (filling as yet undecided) with possibility of sorbet 



2PM Troll opens at the Viking tent

6PM-LateGames (period and modern) at the populace tents, and Elevensies (free will donation)


10am-gone Brunch in the Main Hall (free will donation)

9am-11am Family games, armor inspections, pick-ups

11am-1pm Armored and fencing tourneys, open mic bardic till 6PM

1pm-3pm Archery, Troll closes

3pm-5pm Equestrian, Golden Apple Competition

6pm Feast in the Main hall or under the stars

After That Bardic competition

After That Prizes awarded for the various competitions

After That More open mic bardic, dancing, frivolities, carousing


12pm Site closes

Bardic Blades Site Rules

1) We have 2 count em’ TWO fire pits for burning shenanigans. We will follow county rules for fires. (If there is a burn ban, etc...)

2) Site is wet, but this is a family event so just make sure you have a designated walker.

3) Park/camp in designated areas. Parking in the river is apparently frowned on.

4) This is a rough terrain site. We want everyone to be safe. Please keep children and pets supervised.

5) Dogs please bring your humans, but they must be leashed and you, unfortunately, are not allowed in the cabins. Be aware that there will be horses, and exercise due caution. If your human is a nuisance, as determined by the Event Stewards, you may be asked to take the human away from the event.

6) Dispose of cigarette butts in trash receptacles appropriately. No smoking in any site facilities.

7) If you bring horses, you know your horse best; let others know if they’re going to get silly. The same goes for interacting with other people’s horses. We do ask for weed free hay if you are bringing your own. (State law and all that jazz)

Directions To Site

Take your best route to Elgin, ND. Three miles west of Elgin, on ND 21, turn south. Travel 3 miles, then turn east. Travel 1 mile, then turn south again. Travel two miles, then turn west. Travel about one mile, and you have reached your destination.

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