Syr Gunther Kegslayer Syr Gunther Kegslayer

Signet Deputy

Hara Hana

(Hana Russell)
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Took Office: 09/13/2014
Position Details

Work with the Signet to ensure completed scrolls are ready for court.

If Signet is not available at an event, the deputy Signet will step in and attend the court Meeting and perform the Signet duties during Court.

Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Hara Hana Login to view 9/13/2014 Active 6 months
Jutta van der Bruegghen (known as Ivetta) Login to view 6/13/2012 9/13/2014 27 months
Aneira verch Aeddan ap Afagddu ap Bran Login to view 6/13/2012 9/13/2014 27 months
Juliana Foxcroft Login to view 12/5/2011 9/8/2012 9 months
Kit Marik syn Login to view 10/10/2009 9/13/2014 59 months
Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli Login to view 10/11/2008 10/10/2009 12 months
Astrid of the Yellow Rose Login to view 4/19/2008 10/11/2008 6 months
Ailleanne ingen Faelin Login to view 4/5/2007 4/19/2008 12 months

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