Justinian of Cherson Justinian of Cherson
Court Date: 6/24/2017 (Court #1)
Event Name: Northern Realms War
Presenting Royalty: Konrad and Aibhilin
Court was opened and Immediately suspended to Allow His Majesty Lief of the Outlands to conduct business. 
During His business the 1066 wished to share their largess with the entire populace and then lamented that they didn't have enough to gift all of the Outlanders and Northshielders. They vowed to have more coin for next year.

Court was resumed and a Populace Oath was taken. 

Representatives from the Kingdom of Avacal presented gifts to Their Majesties Northshield and Outlands.

Vigilant Baroness Epona thanked the event staff. Their Majesties invited all that had a hand in the event to present themselves in recognition for their efforts.

Hans Volsch- Presented a fine wool hood to Lord Gilbear of the Outlands for his Valor, ferocity, courage, and intensity on the battlefield. Lord Gilbear had traveled from Albuquerque New Mexico to be at NRW.

His Grace Lars Wolfsblut  had Old business and a duchy regency court was opened. His business was with Sir Ajax to present to him his Griffin and Sword. His Grace was kind enough to Read the award himself to the recipient. "He then stated that he saw great promise in the young warrior and to keep up the good work". Ajax saluted in acceptance. Her Majesty congratulated Lord Ajax in his award from Quest for Camelot  A.S.41

Toy Run: The burden of the Toy Chest was "awarded" to His Excellency Ansila. He was quickly vanquished by the horde of children that were in attendance. Vivant To the future of the Society!

Sir Edwin Presented himself To her Majesty To tell of his quest that Her Majesty had tasked him with.

Newcomers: First Event or First Royal Court.  All of the Cups that Their Majesties Brought were given out. The cups were Shared with Outlanders and Northshielders alike.

Vivant and Huzzah The future of the Society

Gifts were exchanged by Their Royal Majesties Northshield and His Majesty Lief Of Outlands

His Majesty had all of the scribes in attendance stand, and thanked them while the populace looked upon them for their contributions to the kingdom and for their gifts of time and effort.

Court was closed.

Awards Presented

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