Duchess AEsa Gilsdottir Duchess AEsa Gilsdottir
Court Date: 7/15/2017 (Court #2)
Event Name: Warlords and Warriors XXIV
Presenting Royalty: Konrad and Aibhilin
A report of the Court of Northshield held the 15th day of July, anno socetatis 52, at Warriors and Warlords, held jointly by the baronies of Nordskogen and Jaravellir

Herald of Record: Katerinka Lvovicha
Heralds: Yehudah Ben Yitzak, Jutta van der Brugghen
Emcee: Arwa al-Jinnaia

Processional - All Rise - Arwa al-Jinnaia

Performance - We Be Heralds Three - Sarah Loring

Performance - Signus Visur - Eyja Bassadottir

Venerable Griffin, Order of - 
Performance - Tom Tinntinnabulum's Award for Getting Old - Katerinka Lvovicha
Tom Tinntinnabulum

Performance - bardic champ -#1
Thomas Bordeaux

Toy run - Hrodwyn Bryceteogenslaga known as Trollslayer

Performance - Draw Back the Bow - Dahrien Cordell

Performance - bardic champ #2
Eyja Bassadottir

Simon Morcar - Pelican

Newcomer - first event or first royal court

Performance - Entre Ave Eva - Skaldvor Kormacksdottir

Recognition of bardic champion - Eyja Bassadottir

Performance - Hedge Knight - Cobflaith ingen Sitriucca Meic Mair

Beare of Northshield - Margalit Medicus  
Performance - Givin out a Beare - sung by Her Majesty, words by Sarah Loring

Awards Presented

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