Elizabeth and Siegfried Elizabeth and Siegfried
Court Date: 1/27/2018 (Court #1)
Event Name: Tacky Garb Ball: Bring back the 80s
Presenting Royalty: Kaydian and Cassandra
Court of the regents of Northshield, this 27th day of January, AS 52, in the Barony of Jararvellir at the Tacky Garb Ball.

Their totally awesome highnesses, Yngvar II and Luce II, heirs to the Gryphon Thrones…

and their bitchin excellencies, Robert and Leona, Baron and Baroness of Jararvellir…

and his trippendicular excellency, Grimmund, Baron of Windhaven…

and their super rad excellencies, Gareth and Hillary, Baron and Baroness of Ayreton

Ayreton court business


Jararvellir court business


Mistress Belle

We all know of Belle’s love for period dance and music. Her event horizon reaches far and wide across the kingdom and probably beyond it. At every event she attends, she brings the party and she infects - introduces - these courtly dances to pretty much everyone she meets. Though, truly, it is infectious, for once you’ve heard the music and the dancing begins, you’re hooked and there’s no getting it out of your head. And so, their highnesses would like to show their appreciation for Belle s eternal championing of the courtly arts with a song. (proceed to rickroll Belle)

Awards Presented

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