Master Danr Ketilsmiðr and son Master Danr Ketilsmiðr and son
Court Date: 7/16/2022 (Court #6)
Event Name: Warriors & Warlords XXVII Three Times Lucky
Presenting Royalty: Ajax and Gaia
Reporter: Derbáil ingen Néill
Herald: Derbáil ingen Néill
Signet: Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli
Seneschal: Christiana Galyard de Caen
Silent Herald: Christiana Galyard de Caen
Youth Officer of Record: Abelard die Elster
Other contributing Heralds: Abelard die Elster, Katerinka Lvovicha, Marcial de Salas, Calamus Schreiber

Saturday night great court

In addition to the many awards handed out, Nordskogen and Jararvellir held baronial court. The typical toy run was conducted by a very silly pirate who did not feel like running, and so dumped the treasure on the children of Northshield, who were not sated by goodies, but still wanted the bloodthirsty hunt  merry chase. Many newcomers received cups from Their Majesties.

Awards Presented

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