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Award: Cygnus, Award of the
Persona: Elizabeth Von Kulmbach
Presenting Branch/Group: Kingdom of Northshield
Presented on 12/8/2007 at Boar's Head XXX - A Boar's Tale ( 19 other awards given at this event.)
Presenting Royalty: Hagan and Eilis

For all of her help with the Northshield Website.

Illumination by Anneka Svensdottir , Calligraphy by Ailleanne ingen Faelin . Displayed with permission. Please contact the scribe(s) for permission if you wish to copy or use this artwork.
Picture of Award
Award/Scroll Wording:

Know all by these words that there in Our Kingdom there are many that serve quietly and possess a great many skills that enrich the dream we share.  Elizabeth of Bright Sands has demonstrated such dedication and devotion through exceptional service.  Therefore, We, Hagan and Eilis, King and Queen of Northshield are pleased to bestow upon her the award of the Cygnus on this 8th day of December A.S. 42 at Boar's Head in Our Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr.

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