Hrodir & Kitab sparring Hrodir & Kitab sparring
Award: Court Baron/Baroness
Persona: Rodrigo de Montoya
Presenting Branch/Group: Kingdom of Northshield
Presented on 1/19/2008 at Twelfth Night ( 18 other awards given at this event.)
Presenting Royalty: Hagan and Eilis
Calligraphy & Illumination by Astrid of the Yellow Rose . Displayed with permission. Please contact the scribe(s) for permission if you wish to copy or use this artwork.
Picture of Award
Award/Scroll Wording:

All Gentles and Nobility, let it be known by all that We, Hagan, King by right of arms of the Kingdom of Northshield, and Eilis, Our Queen, send greetings.  For as much as it is the priviledge of the Crown to recognize certain nobility, and We have seen such nobility in Rodrigo de Montoya, specifically by maintaining Our Barony of Nordskogen in fealty and honor, We are pleased to bestow upon him the right to style himslef a Baron of Our Court, and though a Baron of the court holds no authority or power to command, yet is he to be granted such honor and respect as befits a person of great worth and courtesy.  We confim and acknowledge unto him all rights and responsibilities attendant upon this rank,, without let or hindrance from any person.  Henceforth he shall be known by his coronet of silver ornamented with pearls.  This do We confirm by Our hands this 19th day of January, A.S. 42 while sitting on Our thrones in Our Barony of Nordskogen.

Notes about the Award/Scroll:

The scroll is done in Spanish (which I got the translation from several people, one of which was originally from Spain) ... what FUN!

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