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Eyja Bassadóttir

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Ek hait Eyia. Ek em frá Rogalandi. Haraldʀ es haitir fagrahár es hinn konungʀ. Ek em hin dóttir Bassą Bersąsonar auk Æsų Eyiolfsdóttur. Minn fáþir es óþalmaþʀ. Mín móþir es kristin auk ek. Ek áh mann auk barnu. Wit aigum bú. Ek em skald auk sagumaþʀ. Ek kenni hinar hannyrþir auk rúnlistar. Finnst mér gaman at skotą bogą en ek em winną nú ekki.

Norwegian woman born in the late 9th century, soon after Harald, called Fairhair, became king. Daughter of Bassi Bersason and Æsa Eyjólfsdóttir.  Lives in home district of Rogaland with husband and children. Skald and musician, and knows the crafts of sewing, nálbinding, tablet weaving, runecraft, and calligraphy, and to bake and cook. Finds enjoyment in shooting the bow but does not participate in archery at the moment. Also has been known to do various translation work in Old Norse. 

Current research topics are the period pronunciation of Old Norse, kenning matrices, and Viking Age mythology and culture.


I began playing September of 2003 with the College of Tor Aerie. I have served as Minister of Arts and Sciences to both Tor Aerie and Nordleigh. I was also a Bard of Nordskogen to Baron Ilya Mstislavich and Baroness Saraidh ingen Guairi (Jan 2012-3). I wrote and translated the elevation ceremony of Sefa Farmannsdóttir which was in both English and Early Old Norse. At Warrior and Warlords XXIV in A.S. LII (July 13-17, 2017), I won the bardic competition designed by Her Majesty, Queen Aibhilin Fhionn, and became bardic champion. I am apprenticed to Master Ingus Moen, of the house Gellisheim.

Classes I have taught:

  • Old Norse Pronunciation

  • Viking Age Runes

  • Kennings

  • Nálbinding

The Old Norse above has been adapted to my current research on the language as it hypothetically appeared in 10th century Norway. I have had to adapt the traditional spelling to accommodate the nasalized vowels that appeared in the language at that time. All vowels with an ogonek are nasalized. What is traditionally spelt ę in Old Norse manuscripts will appear as ɛ. It is unknown when exactly the u-mutation of a, traditionally spelt ǫ, occurred and I have not express it above. In my notation it would appear as ɔ. My research is not finished, and it is quite possible I have made errors and it is probable that I will make updates as I learn more. For a good video on the differences, see Jackson Crawford's "Early and Later Old Norse" video on YouTube <>


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