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The Honorable Lady Amary Fairamay

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Photograph: Amary Fairamay
Amary (pronounced "Ah-merie") is an Englishwoman whose family traces back to when the Normans came over.  She generally inhabits the fourteenth or sixteenth century.  Amary is currently enjoying being a career spinster, which she gets away with courtesy of an oblivious father and brother, and thanks to her skill at making herself indespensible while traveling among various abbeys and friends' houses.  Her current stop is an abbey, at which she is busy knitting socks for pilgrims who are ridiculously prone to frostbite.*

In Northshield, Amary is most active as a scribe and is currently serving as signet for the Barony of Nordskogen.  If she has made a baronial or kingdom scroll for you, please feel free to e-mail her if it ever gets lost or damaged; she'll happily make you a replacement!

*As it turns out, Amary would later be sainted for this activity, as reported in the short fiction podcast The Hidden Almanac.  She is of course extremely humble about this.  Her feast day is June 13.  "Saint Amary" is portrayed as a seated woman wearing glasses and holding knitting needles, with a fox peering out from under the hem of her robe.


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