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Muriel Cornell of Colchester

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Photograph: Muriel Cornell of Colchester
I reside in Colchester, Essex, England during the early 16th century. A place considered to be the first capital of Britain and is rumored to be the Arthurian capital known as Camelot by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his History of Britain. We are a major trade route and house the 11th century Norman keep called Colchester Castle. My family itself has a varied cultural background due to the many inhabitants of Essex throughout the years. I proudly hold genealogical ties to the ancient Celtic tribe of the Trivonantes, ancient Romans, Aglo-Saxons and to the Normans, however, my family has always held claim to a strong military and trade history which they say originally came from our ancestors the Trivonantes.  Those claims aside, personally I find myself intrigued and captivated by the arts:music, theatre, painting, writing, drawing, and dance; as well as cooking, wardrobes and fashion, hair. I also desire to learn archery, brewing and rapier.

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Archery Training Marshal


Armored Single-Handed Weapon (1H)
Armored Training Marshal
Armored Spear
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Armored Combat Archery
Armored Siege Weapons
Armored Youth Sparring

Cut and Thrust

Cut and Thrust Single Sword
Cut and Thrust Authorizing Marshal
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Cut and Thrust Offensive Secondary
Cut and Thrust Two-Handed Weapon


Equestrian General Riding and Games
Equestrian Training Marshal
Equestrian Mounted Archery
Equestrian Jousting
Equestrian Driving
Equestrian Mounted Crest Combat
Equestrian Mounted Armored Combat


Rapier Single Rapier
Rapier Training Marshal
Rapier Case
Rapier Dagger
Rapier Rigid Parry
Rapier Non-Rigid Parry
Rapier Epee
Thrown Weapons Training Marshal


Youth Youth Level 1
Youth Youth Rattan
Youth Youth Rapier
Youth Training Marshal
Youth Youth Level 2
Youth Youth Level 3

Youth Page Program

Youth Page Program NPP Tier 1: Novice
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