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Barone Christoforo Alfonso Pallavincino da Firenze

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Device: Per chevron argent and sable, two roses gules and a cobra affronty erect argent within a bordure counterchanged. (Registered and approved, 1990)
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Photograph: Christoforo Alfonso Pallavincino da Firenze
Baron Christoforo Alfonso Pallavincino da Firenze (aka Foro) is an Italian ne'erdowell who did well.

Baron Foro left Firenze in the 1460's to travel abroad. His travels have spanned the breadth of the knowne world, from the Barony of Nordskogen, to the Barony of the Far West in the Kingdom of the West (MKA Japan), to the Barony of Aarnimetsa in the Kingdom of Drachenwald (MKA Turku, Finland). 

At home, he won the title of First Bard of Nordskogen, as well as many other accolades, including the Order of the Purple Fret in the Kingdom of the Middle. In his travels, he was made a Court Barony of the Kingdom of the West after having ruled as Palatine Baron (by right of arms) over the Barony of the Far West. His household, House Cobra Rose, was awarded the Order of the Hearth by Vicount Tristan.

He has been away from his companions for 12 years building his businesses, and has now returned to life in Nordskogen. 

In his travels, Baron Foro has learned the language and scribal arts of the Orient, and is proficient with both the pen and the brush for calligraphy and illumination for both western languages and Japanese. 

Foro is squired to the late Sir Angus Ulrich.

Foro's favorite colors are red, white, and black. He uses white cobras and red roses a lot, as those are on his coat of arms. Official Motto: "Sanguine est Gloria". Unofficial Mottos: "Jyaku Niku Kyou Shoku" and "Vidi, Vici, Veni" 



  Award Name Presenting Branch Court Date Event Name Presenting Royalty
Court Baron/Baroness Kingdom of West 6/19/1994
Brigits Flame, Order of Kingdom of Northshield 3/5/2016 Ides of March XXV Toyaoka Katsuo and Aethelflaed
Black Flame, Award of the Kingdom of Northshield 3/28/2015 Bardic Madness XXV Vladimir II and Petranella II
Purple Fret Kingdom of Middle 9/14/1991
Award of Arms Kingdom of Middle 11/4/1989
Prodigal Child, Award of Barony of Nordskogen 4/19/1997
Heliotrope, Award of Barony of Nordskogen 7/6/1990
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