Mary of Carrigart on horseback Mary of Carrigart on horseback

11-2007 Northwatch Missive


The new MIT system for Northshield is now in place and listed on the Northshield Website under the Earl Marshal’s page. All marshal disciplines follow  this plan. I’ve included a few rapier specific details below.

Existing MIT’s should consult their regional to determine how much more work they need to become warranted. Those wishing to become MIT’s should consult the regional marshal who will interview the fencer. The regional will give assignments and training appropriate to their level of skill and experience level.  They may also assign a mentor to assist withhis/her training as a MIT.

Those wishing to be warranted need the endorsement of two marshals, one of whom has to be either a “Don/Donna” or a senior marshal. For the purpose of warranting, a senior marshal is considered any  current/former Kingdom/Principality Rapier Marshal and any former  Kingdom/Principality Regional Rapier Marshal that has  maintained their warrant. The KRM may also designate other senior marshals.   MIT’s may also be encouraged to attend a Chirurgeons class.

At the end of the process the regional may interview the candidate to assess if they are ready to be warranted. This interview replaces the written test and will vary depending on the candidate. If the candidate is acceptable to the regional, KRM, KEM, and Crown they will be warranted.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Known World Academy of Rapier. Don’t miss it, its not often we are hosts to one of the largest rapier gatherings in the world!


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Posted by: Julio Galva'n Kingdom Rapier Marshal on 11/1/2007

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