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Snatch the Pig

Written by Charissa de La Sirra, created by Silfen Mere

Silfen Mere requests exculsive use of this game in the month when the event, Castle Fever is held.

This game requires 7 - 16 stuffed animals, which can be sheep or pigs or almost anything. Each animal gets a personal name label sewn on its tummy. All participants sign up and receive his or her personel animal to watch over. When there are no assigned animals, people can still sign up to play. starting without an animal. The animal must be always visible and always snatchable, it can not be hidden nor tied. Most people tuck the animal in their belts. The brazen people carry an animal on their shoulders. The game turns into who can snatch faster and run. Names are important, in the sniffling, "You took my dear sweet Georgie". Since holding is illegal, there is frequent petting of the animals. The one who has the most animals at the ending time is declared the grand master of snatching. Everyone wins who successfully kept one animal until the end time.

Be careful of the words used in this game. It is an honorable game since everyone agrees to the rules, so avoid labels like "thief" or "steal". I am especially impressed at young people, who normally have a hard time keeping track of stuff, who then suddenly excel at a game like this.

Posted by: Kit Marik syn Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 10/13/2007

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