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February Missive


Are your preparing yourselves for War thiscoming spring? We are making plans for ourjourney south to Gulf Wars, and hope thatmany of you are also knocking the rust offof both armor and battle skills, planning orfinishing up A&S projects, and making suretents are in order. The weeks will fly by aspreparations are made.

By the time this missive reaches you, thenew Baron and Baroness of Nordskogen willhave stepped up. Thank you to Edward andDeja for their excellent service in the past,and best wishes to Geoffrey and Samia asthey step up. Jararvellir is also preparing fora Baronial transition — from Baron Robertthe Stout (thank you, Robert!) to Robert andLeona Talbot. Thank you to everyone who putthemelves forth as baronial candidates.

And finally, we would like to express ourgratitude once again for the amount of supportwe continue to receive in our reign. Please letus know what we can do to serve you in turn!

Toyaoka-Tenno andCwen Æthelflæd

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Posted by: Toyaoka Katsuo and Aethelflaed Their Royal Majesties on 1/11/2016

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