Linnette FitzOsbourne Linnette FitzOsbourne

04-2008 Northwatch Missive

 As the nights grow shorter and days warmer, camping season is once again upon us. I must remind everyone planning an event for this summer to not forget waterbearing-—please make an effort to have someone in charge of waterbearing at an outdoor event, or at the very least ensure there are supplies available. Do not hesitate to contact me for help.

With camping season comes War. Everyone in Northshield is part of the Northshield Army, and even those not donning armor or brandishing swords can help. Our fighters need to be watered, and waterbearers are a critical part of the Army. Please volunteer to help keep our fighters and populace healthy and hydrated.

I will be visiting the lands of Drachenwald for the months of May and June, but if there are any questions about waterbearing I can always be reached via email.

In Service,


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Posted by: Majer Déva Kingdom Waterbearer on 3/20/2008

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