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August Missive

Good day to one and all from your Minister of Tournaments! Who am I and what do I do, you may ask? Well, I am THL Jehanette de Provins and I am responsible for the crown list, but I also have been working on making sure all Shires and Baronies have a ready supply of trained list ministers to run their lists. I am additionally available to help find you a list minister to run a list at your event if you have attempted to do so and come up empty.
To help facilitate these goals I have been running a number of classes called “How to run a tournament”. Some of them have been at SUN, Boar’s Head, 12th Night, Fighter School, Northern Realms War, and Warriors and Warlords. I plan to continue to do them with some frequency, so please look for them at upcoming events. Also, please, if you or your group has a particular interest, contact me directly at and we can possibly arrange something specific.
I also need to know if anyone is (1) particularly interested in learning how to run a list, (2) capable but not comfortable running a list, (3) capable and comfortable running a list. Knowing these things helps me fill MOL (Minister of the List) needs when they arise. It also helps me pair less comfortable MOLs and new, just learning MOLs with experienced and comfortable MOLs so they can see it done. This is really one of the best ways to really get comfortable with it. If you fall into any one of these three categories and have not already contacted me at, please do so. Please include your SCA and mundane names and locations and which category you are in. Thank you!
Yours in Service,
Jehanette de Provins

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Posted by: Jehanette de Provins Minister of Tournaments on 7/14/2016

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