TRM Eilis & Hagan at the Opening Ceremonies of AS XLII Gulf Wars TRM Eilis & Hagan at the Opening Ceremonies of AS XLII Gulf Wars

October MIssive

Warm Fall Greetings unto the most noble populace of Northshield!

I truly hope you enjoy this month’s issue of the Northwatch. I am so very excited to see the content created by some of our youngest members of the kingdom, and I wish to thank everyone
who contributed to this issue!

This month’s cover was created by Alaina Ansilasdottir, aged 16. This issue also has a lot of great content on how to include children in our SCA game as well as instructions on how to make
period-appropriate toys. It is my hope that this issue inspires all of you to find ways to include the tiniest members of our game in as many areas as possible. The next few issues will be focusing on feasting and winter pursuits. November will focus on food and feasts. Please consider submitting feast menus, recipes, articles on food and cooking, and pictures of feasts you have enjoyed or have run. December will focus on the giving of gifts, largesse, and scrolls. As always, submissions are due on the first of the month prior to publication. Please send your submission and the release forms to

Finally, I plan to attend Dance Macabre and Crown Tournament this month, SUN in November, Boar’s Head in December, and Nordskogen’s Twelfth Night Celebration in January. I am happy to discuss any and all Chronicler items at any of these events.

Yours ever in Service to the Dream and to Northshield,


Other missives from the Kingdom Chronicler
Posted by: Isabella Beatrice della Rosa Kingdom Chronicler on 9/12/2016

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