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I wanted to thank everyone who reported in for Domesday. Even though a number of reports were late, they did get to me before I completed my report. I'm hoping to see all of the reports come in on time for our first quarter reports due April 1st. For those that are surprised by this, I would like to encourage you to review the Kingdom Webminister page and the Northshield Webminister Handbook. A decision was made to have Webministers report quarterly just like the majority of other group officers. This should improve communication and will make warrant roster maintenance easier.

In preparation for my Domesday, I reviewed all of the sites in the kingdom. I must say that I was very impressed with the variety and quality of what I saw. Some of you may have heard from me already and others will soon as I continue with my reviews. The main thing that I am looking for in a site is compliance with Society and Kingdom requirements. The requirements can be found in the Kingdom Webminister's Handbook and the SCA Electronic Publications Policy. Both of these documents are available from the Kingdom Webminister page and I highly recommend reading them and keeping a copy in your files for reference. I would also like to encourage you to join the NS-Chroniclers email list. Right now this is a very low traffic list.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, please contact me.

In Service,

Wulfric Ferreter

Northshield Webminister

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Posted by: Wulfric Ferreter Kingdom Webminister on 3/1/2005

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