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March Missive

Greetings, Artisans of Northshield!

The theme for this Northwatch edition is heading off to war and I want to take the opportunity to remind you that there is far more to wars than just the crashing and bashing on the battlefields. Wars bring delights for the more peacefully inclined — the shopping for materials, the hanging out on Artisan’s Row, the classes — both those in the class tents and the sort that happen organically around camp!

If you are headed to Gulf Wars, I would highly encourage you to spend some time on their Artisan’s Row — in addition to classes on many delightful topics, there are often people who are interested in the specific activities hanging about, JUST WAITING to share their nerd with you! And, while the Early Period Encampment is a bit of a hike from Northshield camp, seeing the effort they put into the atmosphere and classes there is absolutely worth the wander.

Looking later into the summer, both Warriors & Warlords and Pennsic offer excellent educational experiences too. If you are interested in teaching, NOW is the time to start thinking about which classes you would like to offer. The deadline for WW is often not until June, but the cutoff to teach at Pennsic is usually May 1 to be included in the site booklet (not confirmed as of this writing  — make sure to check on the Pennsic University website!). Inform people about that neat thing you are researching with a lecture class! Show people a new art or skill in a hands-on workshop! Or if you’re feeling a little shy, but want to hang with like-minded nerds, consider hosting a round-table discussion or interest group meeting! Even if you are not interested in teaching, even if taking classes is “not your thing,” I would encourage everyone to take at least one class this War season — after all, knowing is half the battle!

Yours in Geeky Service,


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Posted by: Eithni ingen Talorgain Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 2/14/2017

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