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Scribal Notes for the Upcoming Royalty

Greetings to the Wonderful and Talented Scribes of Northshield!

As you know, in less than a month King Lars II and Queen Mary II will be stepping down and Kitadate-denka and AEsa will be taking Their place on the Stellar Thrones of Northshield.  With this change in Royalty comes some changes in the way that we as scribes will be creating our works of art.  Below is a list of preferences set out by our current Prince and Princess that I wanted to post to all of you before I put out the call for Their first court list....

Raito's name will be changing to Kitadate-tenno which means King of Northshield in Japanese, so there is no need to put the word "King" before his name.

AEsa has put forth the option of using the title "Drottning" which means Queen in Norse.
The preferred way to address the Royalty in the text of your scroll is to use either

  1. Kitadate-tenno and AEsa Drottning
  2. King Raito and Queen AEsa (note there is no roman numerals after Their names)

but never say, Kitadate-tenno and Queen AEsa.

In Their last Reign, AEsa's name always came first in the script of the scroll.  During this Reign they do not have a preference which name you put first.

Signature lines....Kitadate-tenno will be signing his name vertically, so please don't draw a horizontal name in the signature spot for him to sign, rather leave enough room (ideally 3 vertical inches) for him to sign his name.  AEsa will be signing her name horizontally, so a faint guide line for her to use as a guide would be appreciated.  Again, because their names already mean "King" and "Queen", there is no need for you to write "King & Queen", "Rex & Regina" or "Tenno & Drottning" underneath the signature lines.....leaving this area blank is perfectly acceptable and preferred.

Some other items to note:

  • please don't refer to AEsa as the "Queen of Love and Beauty"
  • please don't refer to AEsa as the "Patroness of the Arts" just because she is the female in the equation
  • Basically, AEsa and Kitadate-tenno view themselves as equal and don't feel the need to call upon the traditional King and Queen roles when it comes to scroll text. 

If you have any questions as to the wording of your future scrolls, I am sure that either Kitadate-tenno or AEsa will be more than willing to field questions and offer advice, and as always, you can forward questions to myself as well.

Thanks again for all of the hard work that you all do!

In Service-
~Ailleanne ingen Faelin
Polaris Signet

Posted by: Ailleanne ingen Faelin Signet on 8/28/2008

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