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May Missive

Greetings, Artisans of Northshield!

In March, the Shire of Hvitskogar hosted the Northshield Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition. It was a glorious day celebrating the creative endeavors of artisans from across the Kingdom. We had several changes to the format this year, including revised judging rubrics, the addition of an Introductory Division, and the introduction of a “presentation hour” where all the entrants in a Division were encouraged to be present with their entries so interested gentles could come and discuss it with them. Please contact me if you have any feedback about the new features or any aspect of the Competition.

I would like to thank the Shire of Hvitskogar for all their work on this event, especially our site steward, Caitriona inghean Criomthainn, and our lunch steward, Marcial de Salas. Thanks to all the judges who provided thoughtful, constructive feedback, particularly to those who served as lastminute pinch-hitters when I lost some key judges to illness. Thanks to the set-up and clean-up crews, the cooks, the tally ladies, the gatekeepers, and all the other volunteers who made the event possible. And thanks, of course, to all the entrants who shared their efforts with us. While learning and growth in one’s art is the real prize of participation in the Competition, special congratulations to the winners of each of the categories: Godefroy du Lyon (13th-century French tunic), Hoskuldr Gunnarsson (period dyes), Dúgū Jinán (Northern Chinese cosmetics), Rachell Baker (embroidered forepanel), Gwenhwyvar verch owen ap Morgan (pewter casting, also chosen to be TRH’s A&S Champion), Kathryn Jenkins (15th-century English food), and Morgaine Blood (Triathlon: 10th-century Norse comb, wool dyed with nettle, and Norse chicken dinner).

Looking ahead, please consider participating in the Arts and Sciences at WW and Pennsic. There will be an A&S Competition on the theme of “Weddings and Funerals” and a general A&S display at WW, as well as many wonderful classes. The deadline for teaching at Pennsic and having your class in the booklet was May 1, but you can still submit classes that will appear on the online schedule and in the daily updates at A&S Point, so go share your geek with the Knowne World! And this fall, I am pleased to announce that the Stellar University of Northshield will be held November 11 in the Shire of Coldedernhale! Watch for more details as they become available but start planning what you want to teach now!

Go forth and Geek!

Kingdom Chronicler

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Posted by: Eithni ingen Talorgain Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 4/18/2017

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