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June Missive

Hail, Northshield!

By the time you read this, Our great kingdom will have heirs, and we look forward to working with them as we travel throughout the lands. We had the pleasure of visiting Coldedernhale for Provost's Challenge where Don Martin Mackeegan prevailed in a trial of arms to become Northshield's Rapier Champion. The tournaments held that day were fantastic, as was the great spirit and hospitality of the people of Coldedernhale. June will see us traveling to all four regions in the kingdom and having the chance to take part in many different activities. Her Majesty is preparing to authorize in rapier and seeking even more arts to try her hand at while His Majesty is practicing his archery and thrown weapons as to not embarrass himself too badly at events. We are hoping to see many different activities at events.

One of the things that makes the SCA better than other organizations is that we embrace a wide spectrum of people; artisans, performers, jocks, scholars, social butterflies, and those who just want to imagine a world of virtue greater than the world we live in normally. We ask that you embrace all of the wonderful things the SCA has to offer, try something new, and host as many different activities as is reasonable at your events. Many people have friends and partners that don't partake in the same activity that they do, so we need to make events as family-friendly as possible. If both members of a couple don't fight, perhaps archery, arts, or thrown weapons could be available to make the event a more compelling for the partner who might be otherwise left out.

In our travels we have been told of a Northshield tradition we would like to embrace during our reign, "One Kingdom One Army!". When Northshield marches, we all march. When Northshield wins, we all win.

Konrad And Aibhilin

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Posted by: Konrad and Aibhilin Their Royal Majesties on 5/19/2017

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