Master Antonio de Casa d'Aqua called "Price" Master Antonio de Casa d'Aqua called "Price"


Greetings Northshield –

I would like to announce my XO’s (Executive Officers) of the Great Griffin Army!:
  • Heavy Weapons XO’s are Sir Kitakaze Tatsu Raito and Sir Kaydian Bladebreaker
  • Siege Weapon and Combat Archery XO is Padruig MacLennan
  • Rapier XO is Michael St Cristian
I hope to have Archery and Thrown Weapons XO by the time you read this – but if I don’t, I would appreciate your suggestions or input

These individuals will be the ones leading their respective groups. They have (or will have Commanders in the three different regions and I will leave it up to the XO’s to announce them. Picture, if you will, a hand…each of the digits would be a part of the army…when working together in times of battle, they would form a fist…not unlike the Mighty Fist of His Majesty Siegfried!

I would like to see more cross training – for instance heavy fighters taking up rapier, thrown weapons and archery…or rapier fighters taking up heavy, thrown weapons and archery…etc. This way we can help each aspect of our army grow stronger and where there is a need, you can help fill that need.

The snow is melting, it’s time to repair those busted straps, build that shield you’ve been meaning to build and attend MORE fighter practices, learn MORE songs, take classes on water bearing and first aid, and support those around you as we prepare and attend our King and Queen.

Sir Leif Haakonson
General of the Great Griffin Army

Other missives from the General of the Great Griffin Army
Posted by: Leif Gray Fox General of the Great Griffin Army on 4/1/2005

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