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Recommendations for Event Planners

This is a partial list of recommendations that are offered to Autocrats to use in assisting with gentles with special needs for events.

Please encourage all disabled gentles to call ahead to make planning an event helpful for both the Event Steward and the gentles coming.

Wheelchairs/Walkers and Crutches

  • Make sure that all entrances to a site have ramps.
  • See if doors are wide enough to allow room for a wheelchair/walker (at least three feet wide).
  • Are bathrooms accessible for wheelchairs, walkers, crutches? Do they have handrails or some other type of support (includes restrooms and Port-o-Lets)?
  • Are pathways smooth enough for a wheelchair/walker to go down (outdoors)?
  • At feast, have table(s) reserved for persons in wheelchairs/walkers, either out to the side or in near the back.
  • At court, will a wheelchair- or walker- assisted gentle be able to approach the crown easily?
  • Are there elevators at the site?
  • If the site is rather large, can chairs or benches be provided at random places for those with walking diffculties.

Assistance Animals

By law, all assistance dogs must be allowed for all gentles requiring them. See also your site rules for additional information.
  • All assistance dogs must meet the ADA requirments for a Service Animal.
  • All assistance dogs must be kept on a leash or in a specially designed area while at the site.
  • The owner or someone with the owner needs stay with dog at all times.
  • Dogs who need "relieved", must be done so by owner, or other persons with owner.
  • All owners must be responsible for their animals, and any possible problems arising from any actions of the dog.

Children with Disabilities

  • Make sure that children are with an adult or are supervised by someone apporiate (depending on the severity of the disability).
  • See if activities will be provided that the children can be involved in.
  • Is it possible to have an extra room for children with attention problems to play in,or extra space in the back of the room for them while court or other such events are happening?

Medicines and Medical Information

  • Does the site have refrigerators for medicine (insulin in particular) storage, if needed?
  • Is the refrigerator easily accessible for gentles to get to?
  • Have all medicines kept seperate so no mix-ups will happen.
  • Is there access to information about hospitals in the area(phonebook or other sources)?
  • Are there electrical outlets available for those who need them for support equipment (ventilators, nublisers, et cetera)?

Deaf or Hearing Impaired

  • Is there anyone available to sign during the day, at feast, or at court?
  • Is there room in the front for those gentles to better able to hear at court or feast?

Blind or Vision Impaired

  • Make sure all gentles with little or no eyesight have someone with them to guide them throughout the event. If a volunteer is needed, is there someone available to do so?
  • Is there space available up front at feast, or at court for those with partial blindness?


  • Are there clearly marked spaces for handicap parking?
  • Are the parking spaces close to the gate area, or the event building site?
  • Make sure that loading and unloading areas do not interfere with or take up handicap designated parking areas.


Posted by: Caterina di Bonanno Deputy for Disabilities Issues on 1/12/2009

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