Did you know that there were gnomes in the Gnorthshield? Did you know that there were gnomes in the Gnorthshield?

December 2008 Northwatch Missive

Greetings All!

 I’d like to begin by saying a huge thank you to each of you! Because you spend your precious time and resources dedicated to this hobby and our Kingdom, Northshield is an outstanding Kingdom within the known world!

When you notice something worthy of recognition, I would hope that you don’t keep that information to yourselves… you contact Their Majesties, either using the website award recommendation form, or emailing Them directly with your recommendation. If you don’t share your knowledge, chances are, Their Majesties won’t have the information They desire to reward the service, acts, and/or art to a worthy gentle… that would be a real shame, don’t you think?

What Their Majesties need to know is the person’s SCA name, what group they are with, what events they may be attending in the future—and it doesn’t necessarily have to be an event that Their Majesties have scheduled on their calender—the award / recognition you are thinking would be right and proper… and the reason!

Ok… then what happens? If Their Majesties deem it a right and proper thing to bestow recognition upon a person, that person is added to a court list… then I get a copy of this list and inform our absolutely awesome scribes that there is a court list, they volunteer their time and resources and create a scroll to be presented by Their Majesties, or Their regent in court to that person!

Some times, Their Majesties see or hear of something the day of the event, and would like to recognize a gentle who was not originally on the court list… and They inform the Signet of this, and we try very hard to get a scroll made for court that day….

Sometimes, we have blanks… blanks are illuminated scrolls without the calligraphy on them that we can use to get a scroll made quickly for that day… it’s really quite amazing that some of these blanks were (what seems to be) made for the person!

Right now, there is a scroll blank challenge as well as scroll covers challenge that will be presented at Boar’s Head, December 13th, in Caer Anterth Mawr…. If you haven’t heard of it… please visit this link and join in the fun!!!


Again… thank you for your continued support of our Kingdom and doing all those awesome things that keep our Scribes busy!!!!

YAY Northshield!!!!

In Service ~

Viscountess Astrid

Polaris Signet for the Grand Kingdom of Northshield

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Posted by: Astrid of the Yellow Rose Signet (KLO) on 12/1/2008

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