Sigrid de la Mare called "Siri" Sigrid de la Mare called "Siri"

September Missive

Fondest Northshield,

It has been our great pleasure to serve our wonderful kingdom as your sovereign. We would like to thank: our hard working staff, our diligent guards, the wise members of our Stallari council, the countless hard working members of the event staffs that made the wonderful events of our kingdom possible, the one army of Northshield that stood tall and strong together upon the field with us at Pennsic, the populace that embraced us with love and affection, and lastly our heirs to whom we pass the torch of leadership into their worthy and rightful hands. We look forward to visiting some of the great events we experienced this past year and continuing to spend time amongst the great people of Northshield, it’s good to be Northshield.

Good bye for now,

Konrad And Aibhilin

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Posted by: Konrad and Aibhilin Their Royal Majesties on 8/14/2017

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