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Web Site URL: http://www.northshield.org/borderdowns/index.html

Meetings in the last reporting period:
March 15, 2009 @ 5pm April 12, 2009 @ 3pm May 12, 2009 @ 6pm

Heavy weapons fighter practices are held every Sunday at 2pm and every Tuesday at 6pm. Light weapons is off and on, when ever the marshal is available.

List of officers:
Seneschal Lady Gaia Aurelia (Nicole Thompson) (605)-941-0646 photobynicole@gmail.com Exchequer Lord Rory Mcleod (Travis Irwin) (605) 214-2316 nitrosoft_boomer@yahoo.com Knight's Marshall Lord Ajax Theron Marius (Tyler Neal) (605)323-9446 vampire3rdgen@hotmail.com Rapier Marshall Lord Rory Mcleod (Travis Irwin) (605) 214-2316 nitrosoft_boomer@yahoo.com Minister of Arts and Sciences Toyaoka Katsuo (Travis Neal) (605)- Herald The Honorable Lord Svein Tunheim (Alec Tunheim) (605)-336-3556 prognosticator1@sio.midco.net Web Minister Lord Iushka Khitrogo (Josh Fritz) (605)-941-0958 josh.chrome@gmail.com Chatelaine Senator Titus Aurellius Augustus (Rick Whitlock) (605) 323-8094 valhalapictures@hotmail.com

Media coverage:
Yes. Local news station KSFY did a short spot on the 10:00 news about our group.

Youth activities:

Future plans for our group:
We are planning to get out into the community more, get involved with community activities and arrange more demos with schools.

What was good/bad for the quarter?
Good: In a time of "crisis" we can pull together and act as one. Not so good: Every one has a personal agenda and will not think twice about stabbing another shire member in the back. I have watched this time and time again happen between people. Honestly, I feel the issue is that we are a young group. Not young in the SCA time line sense but more of the physical sense. If you look at the average age of our members you see that it is roughly 21-22 years old. Like I said earlier, they all have personal agendas. We have had problems with people shooting their mouths off on our email list and starting fights or shooting their mouths off at a practice or meeting. It seems as though no one can act professional. Personal issues creep in and somehow become a huge dramatic and public display. This last one I dealt with ended with Rory stating that he is resigning as rapier marshal and exchequer at our next meeting. We do have someone who wants to step in as exchequer, we just need a vote on it which will happen at our next meeting. No one really knows if he is serious or not because he has done this several times before. But, I do think that it would be the best thing if he did step down because he is one of the main instigators in the majority of the fights this shire endures. He has said several times "I know I am an asshole and I don't care who else knows it too. I will not watch my mouth and I will say what I want, to who I want, when ever I want." Really, I have been trying to remain neutral in all "tiffs" that have happened and it is honestly becoming increasingly difficult. Our group seems to have a cycle that never breaks. I have been playing with this group for 12 years now and I have seen and experienced ALL of this drama before. It seems to be the same story just substitute the characters. What we lack in this group is more people with the knowledge and experience to guide the rest away from these problems. The last issue actually forced a couple of people to walk away from the group. They were people who played with us before but because of group politics, walked away before. For the past year they have been slowly coming back and playing, but now, they have walked away for good. I am seriously embarrassed by all of this. I don't know how I should be handling all of this. I know it is my job to remain neutral in situations but it is really hard for me to sit back and watch this happening. I have wanted to stand up and say things that I knew were facts but kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to seem biased. I have had people come to me and say that there are rumors going around about how their are members that want to "take me down". I ignore these rumors of course because that is all they are... rumors. No one has come to me with these so called problems so I act as though there are none.


Posted by: Gaia Aurelia Branch Seneschal on 5/31/2009

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