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From Their Royal Majesties
Tarrach Koenig and Fina Banrigh send warm greetings to Our People as we continue Our progress

The events of summer draw Us in many directions, and the writing of this letter finds Us in the midst of again preparing for travel. Having just returned home from the far North and East of Our lands in Mare Amethystinum We now journey South and West to visit Our good friends in the Kingdom of Outlands. From there We will again come into the Eastern part of Northshield where we’ll see many of you at WW – by the time this letter comes to you those travels will be past, but Our progress will continue – with Tarrach journeying to the Western part of Our Kingdom where he will engage the forces of Avacal in friendly sport at Moorish Tavern in the Shire of Midewinde, and Fina to the Debated Lands where preparations for the great contests of Pennsic will begin. Tarrach will join her there when his western campaign is done, and together We’ll support the Midrealm in their annual contests with the Kingdom of the East. This year We are greatly honored that the Falcon of Calontir and the White Stag of the Outlands will fight beside Us on that field. Our southern border separates two lands, but Our peoples are kin despite that, and together we’ll show the Known world the might of the Dragon’s children.

Our armies will be engaged on many fronts this summer. We call on all who can to rise in support of the Griffon wherever you can! The Griffon flies free and far, and there are many opportunities, both at home and abroad to add to her glory. It is Our joy to travel within Northshield and meet with Our people, see their skill at arms, and the works of their hands, and also to represent this Fair Kingdom in foreign lands, letting others know the beauty, strength and friendship that is truly the wealth of Northshield. Come and join Us and help Us make that wealth clear to all. Luckily, the long hours of travel fade from Our memories and what stands clear for Us are the moments of camaraderie, pride and overwhelming sense of honor we feel in being Your King and Queen. We know these joys are not reserved for Us alone, but that all who gather under the banner of the compass rose will find much the same. Every sword, song, and sip of water is needed and valued, so join Our progress where you may and let all see the power and might of the Griffon in her first War Season!

Cynig Tarrach Fina Banrigh

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Posted by: Tarrach and Fina Their Royal Majesties on 8/1/2005

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