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Greetings from the Webminister,

By now, I’m sure most of you have noticed the changes to the kingdom calendar. One of the bonus features of the new format is that anyone can now go back to view information on past events in the kingdom. I have also added expanded information to be displayed, such as activities, full site address, map links from Mapquest and Google Maps, and an optional blurb for other information about the event. For event stewards, the event interface still allows for going back in to revise the listing, but you need to remember your password. To edit your entry, simply click the edit link on the bottom of the event page and you will be prompted for your password.

I am still tweaking parts of the calendar so you may notice minor changes here and there as time goes on. I also welcome your feedback. My goal is to make the site as useful as possible for all of Northshield and I need to hear from you to do that. There are already a number of projects in the works to enhance the site and I am looking forward to making them available.

Actually, there is another site feature I haven’t announced yet although it has been running for some time. The main reason I haven’t announced it was because I wanted to add a few more theme options and write some good descriptions for them, but I think I’ve waited long enough. If you go to you will be able to change slect a new theme for the site. Currently, there are 11 test themes available. If you have suggestions for other themes, comments on the existing ones, or would like to suggest a description for a theme, please email me at

In Service,

Other missives from the Kingdom Webminister
Posted by: Wulfric Ferreter Kingdom Webminister on 8/1/2005

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