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October 2008 Northwatch Missive


            First Imust apologize for not talking to you in this forum as much as I would havelike. Unfortunately, life caught up with me shortly after taking office. It hasbeen two years, and I am looking for a replacement. Any interested individualsshould submit a letter of introduction to me and Sir Kegslayer. The selectedindividual would take over at Boars Head this year. As Kingdom rapier marshal,you will be in charge of all aspects of rapier, including cut and thrust andyouth combat. My advice is to get good deputies; they will make your job a loteasier.

            The on-linedata base has been updated with all the information I know. Please take aminute and check your authorizations & group information. If you have anychanges, please contact your regional or me. I know there are some problemswith the information, but I would like to get it as current as possible. Theweb site is http://www.scamarshal.org/dotnetnuke/ click on Rapier Combat, thenrapier combatants.


Yours in Service,

Alexandra der Wasserman

Northshield KRM

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Posted by: Alexandra der Wasserman Kingdom Rapier Marshal on 10/1/2009

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