Leif & Siegfried doing their calisthenics Leif & Siegfried doing their calisthenics

January Missive

Greetings and Warm Salutations to my Cousins in Northshield!

I truly hope you enjoy the first issue in the modern New Year. I am always excited for this issue because it is the only issue we are allowed to have a color cover for both the .PDF version AND the printed version. This month’s issue features some great articles related to Asian culture. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. February’s issue will focus on things related to the fiber arts, March’s issue will focus on gardening and growing, and April’s issue will be our annual Fool’s issue. I encourage anyone and everyone to submit content that relates to these themes. YOU are what make the Northwatch great! I would also encourage all of you to submit content to your local newsletters as well. It is no small thing to create a regular newsletter and have it filled with new content every issue. Even if you feel you are not very good at writing articles, you can always submit photographs you have taken, poems you have created, or art you have made. Every little bit helps!

Next, I am so very excited to announce we have a new Historian/Archivist! Please welcome the Honorable Lady Genevieve Macartne to this role. I am so very excited to be working with her and I look forward to what she can do in this office! I would also like to take a moment to thank THL Iohannes Glenfidanus for his service to this deputy position. Thank you for your dedication to the office of the Chronicler and to Northshield!

For those who would like to meet with me at events, I will be at Nordskogen’s 12th Night and Tacky Garb Ball in January, Hertzkrieg and Lupercalia in February, and Gulf Wars in March. I invite you to pull me aside for any and all of your Chronicler needs. Lastly, my time as Chronicler will be drawing to a close next year. If you are interested in stepping into this role and what it entails, please feel free to contact me either electronically or in person.

Yours ever in service to the Dream and to my Northshield Family,


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Posted by: Isabella Beatrice della Rosa Kingdom Chronicler on 12/22/2017

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