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Greetings to all from Jack, Kingdom TW

Before getting to some notes for the Tw marshallate, I wanted to remind any Event Stewards who might be considering TW at their events to contact either myself or the Regional Deputies for TW - we can answer any questions you might have, and help you find a marshal.

For Marshals and MITs, I have two items:

  1. All MITs must now have a Sponsoring Marshal. This is a marshal who will help guide you through your training. This rule applies both to MITs working under the Northshield training rules, and those few MITs left who are training under the Midrealm rules - while Sponsors are not part of those rules, if you haven’t finished your training in the last year, then it looks like you may need some further guidance... (grin)
    Please note, under the Northshield MIT process, any new MITs must have sought out a Sponsoring marshal and have their approval before they can formally start their training.
    More information on Sponsoring Marshals and a list of marshals who are willing to act as sponsors should be on the NS TW Web site by the time this is published.
  2. As I noted last month, the following weapons are experimental in TW at the present time: atlatls, chakram, staff slings. I have posted the Experimental Protocol for these weapons on the NS TW Web page. If a marshal or thrower wishes to use these weapons, they MUST follow those rules. Note that this includes taking down information on how the weapon performs, epecially noting any failures or problems.
    Any marshal or MIT who is comfortable marshalling these weapons may do so, but the thrower, or at least the owner of the weapons, must be keeping the proper paperwork. If someone shows up with one of these weapons and does not have the right paperwork, they cannot be allowed to throw.

My hope is that with some good records, we can get these new weapons and rules approved quickly, so we can go on to have fun with them - but first we need to make sure that we know they are safe.

With that, I bid you all farewell for now, and I wish you all a most wonderful Summer...!


Other missives from the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO)
Posted by: John Bartholomew of Flanders Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO) on 8/1/2005

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