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Greetings Northshield!

Well, fall is in the air, and with it change. It’s been an amazing year for Us – everything We’d hoped for and more. We are deeply grateful for all the help we’ve received along the way. The generosity of the Kingdom of Northshield is incredible. Our hope is that the people of Northshield will offer their future Royals the same experience that you’ve given Us, because the support We’ve received gave Us the opportunity to meet so many people in so many places; see so many works of art; learn so much from such knowledgeable people; see great feats of arms, great chivalry and great honor. Nothing else in Our SCA careers has given Us greater pride or made Us feel more humble.

We wish to make several particular thank you’s – not to Our staff, for We cannot express the depth of Our gratitude to them here – but rather to some of you who made an extra effort and by so doing improved the Kingdom for us all. First We’d like to thank those who make an take the time to be appropriately clothed at events – even when it’s hot, or cold, or wet… There were many times that We saw someone beautifully dressed, and had a moment where We knew Our Dream was shared. Thank you, you made magic for Us. Second, for those who work hard to excel at whatever they do, who go to practice in all weathers, even when they’re tired; who keep on when others around them have long sought their ease; archers who shoot when it’s hot and windy, fighters who fight through summer’s muggy heat – you may think no one notices, but We do. Thank You, you’ve made magic for Us. And finally, for those who serve; who make scrolls for people they’ve never met; spend their events in kitchens and at gates; carry water; hold offices, and make the Kingdom work. Thank You, by your dedication and sacrifice you’ve made magic for Us.

We’re tired, and so We gratefully give the burdens and joys of the Crown into the keeping of others, secure in knowing they will guide the Kingdom well. The best part though, We do not relinquish – and that is belonging in this wonderful, rich and varied Kingdom, and remembering that We had the great privilege of leading it for a time.

Now one last time do We swear to light the way in Northshield as best We can—

May All Strength fail Us and the World turn against Us should We break this solemn vow.

Cynig Tarrach Fina Banrigh

Other missives from the Their Royal Majesties
Posted by: Tarrach and Fina Their Royal Majesties on 9/1/2005

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