Did you know that there were gnomes in the Gnorthshield? Did you know that there were gnomes in the Gnorthshield?

June Missive

Welcome to summer Northshield, We figure it’s safe to say that now.

Crown tourney is completed, the Northshield Lineage continues! Skol to Our heirs!

Thank you to Our newest Shire Avonwood! You hosted a wonderful Crown Tourney and congratulations to your new status as a Shire!

While summer is here, We consider this time to be a time of war! So to all fighters, archers, water bearers, and to all people of Our great Kingdom, take care of yourself, pace yourself, and drink plenty of water! We just got done with the Anvil of Winter, but summer can be difficult too.

To Our event stewards, artisans, and all who offer service to keep the events beautiful and running smoothly thank you for all your hard work, you are the glue that keeps the dream alive! We are prepping for some larger events, including Boarder Skirmish, Lilies War, Warriors and Warlords, and Pennsic.

We hope to see as many Northshielders this summer as possible and enjoy time among the family we call Northshield!

Yngvar and Luce

Other missives from the Their Royal Majesties
Posted by: Yngvar II and Luce II Their Royal Majesties on 5/11/2018

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