Carved stone that was presented to Northsheild by the Outlands Carved stone that was presented to Northsheild by the Outlands

October Missive

Greetings from Master Cy, incoming Kingdom Rapier Marshal!

I am looking forward to implementing the new rule set recently passed under the helm of Master Simon Morcar. I will be adding the Youth Rules for Rapier shortly as they are currently under review. Basically, the big work is done, so I am going to be focused on some minor trouble spots.

1. Work on getting the combatant database up to date and running smoothly. This is our primary source for authorization cards right now, so we need it to be as current as possible.
2. Finish transitioning of the cut and thrust community and marshals to the new rules.
3. Keep things running smoothly.

I appreciate the hard work of Simon, Caesar, and Sybil who are stepping down in their current positions for a much needed break. Taking over the following will be:
Drop Dead Deputy: Jean Robert LeMarchand de Sel
Eastern Regional: Otes MacKe
Cut and Thrust Deputy: Gevehard von Baden

All the other folks, thankfully, will be continuing for a while. I appreciate the continuity of service!

Noticed that C&T is no longer a Kingdom deputy? Yep. With C&T folded back into the rapier rules, the Cut and Thrust Deputy becomes a special deputy under the KRM again. No real change in job duties, just a change in scope.

Let me know if there is anything that I can do as KRM to help out the community. I travel a lot and you will see me from one end of the Kingdom to the other at least once a Reign.

In Service to the Rapier Community,


Other missives from the Kingdom Rapier Marshal (KLO)
Posted by: Cyveiliog McKinley Kingdom Rapier Marshal (KLO) on 9/11/2018

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