Katsuo Toyaoka Katsuo Toyaoka

April Missive

Social Media Changes!

Things are being updated throughout the Kingdom online as we work to get Northshield in compliance with the Society Social Media Policy. Because there are some big changes in the future, we are taking things slowly and building our own processes. Each Branch will need to have a Facebook Page as well as a Group in order to use the Page for official announcements. Each Page/Group also must have a warranted Social Media Officer, and to help ease into this adjustment, we have a stellar team of Regional Social Media Officers ready to lend a hand. (Lady Viviane Eastern / Woodlands, Lord Just - Central / Lakes, Baroness Claire - Western / Plains). Regional Officers will be contacting each Group and need to be added as an admin on Branch Pages/Groups, for their area, so they can serve as the required warranted officer as well as help the transition. Please allow them to be a part of your local Social Media and consider them a resource for your group. We are starting the next stage of work with the Baronies first because all of them already have FB Page up and running. Soon, the team will move on to interconnectivity and planning of events, placeholders, cool research information, and ways to disperse official announcements.

If you have any further questions or wish to have clarification on this or any other aspect of the SCA Social Media World, please contact me.

Thank you!


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Posted by: Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan Kingdom Social Media Officer (KLO) on 3/11/2019

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