Defend the fort at all costs--aye, even into the spring! Defend the fort at all costs--aye, even into the spring!

February 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetingsand Salutations,


Ihave undertaken a very large task... to attempt to fill the very grand andwell trod shoes of Mistress Greta as the next Kingdom Exchequer. Fortunately,she is spending lots and lots of time training me and will not only be a lifeline forme when I find myself deep in the murky pool of Kingdom finances but willalso stay on as the Central Regional Exchequer. Her dedication to this Kingdomis so relentless that I often find myself in awe and very, very inspired! Weall owe her a debt of gratitude for being there for Northshield.


Manyof you may know me from my time as Territorial Baron of Nordskogen or from therapier or armored combat fields of play. I was recently the BaronialExchequer of Nordskogen and stepped down from that role as I stepped into theKingdom position. Oddly enough, being an Exchequer had been a goal of mine formany years, I enjoy ensuring all the rows and columns are balancing andthat we have a solid financial plan for the future. Many people are intimidatedby the responsibility and effort that goes along with being an Exchequer butare inspired to be of service and desire well run finances, to these people Iencourage you to take the leap and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. Tothose who have already fulfilled this role or are fulfilling it, I applaud youfor overcoming any interpretations and for the service you have given.


Ilook forward to working with all of the local Exchequers in the coming years. Pleasefeel free to use me as your lifeline and to bounce questions and ideas offme. 


Asthe position switch over occurred right smack in the middle of the Doomsdayreporting time, Mistress Greta and I are working in conjunction to complete theKingdom Doomsday. If you haven’t turned in your 4th Quarter andDoomsday reports please do so immediately as they are due by 1/31/2009. Please mail yoursigned copies of your Doomsday to Mistress Greta (who is now listed as CentralRegion Exchequer) but I would like to get a copy so we can workin parallel on our Kingdom Doomsday. If you are able to email me acopy at that is great or if email isn'tconvenient mail me a copy at the address listed for me as Kingdom Exchequer.


InService to Crown, Kingdom, and You,


Rodrigode Montoya

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Posted by: Rodrigo de Montoya Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 3/29/2010

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