TRM Eilis & Hagan at the Opening Ceremonies of AS XLII Gulf Wars TRM Eilis & Hagan at the Opening Ceremonies of AS XLII Gulf Wars


Greetings to the good gentles of Northshield from John Bartholomew!

This will be my last Northwatch letter as DEM for Thrown Weapons. I am most pleased to turn this office over to the capable hands of Lokeild Kvendulf. Lokeild is a true veteran in Thrown Weapons, having thrown for far longer than many of us, and I am sure his experience, skill and talents will be great help to the Thrown Weapons community. In particular, I urge all marshals and MITs to seek him out and introduce yourselves.

Over the winter months, TW tends to go into a slow period, but this is also a good time for making plans and taking care of administative matters. I know there are a number of things that I still have “in the fire” – sponsors for MITs, procedures for experimental TW, and so forth. I hope to wrap these up as I work with Lokeild over the next couple of months.

One final matter to raise: I am saddened to announce that Lord Baalin Wolf is stepping down as Regional DEM for TW in the Central Region. Anyone interested in this position should send an email appication by December 15th to the DEM for TW email address ( Until his successor is announced, you should contact this same email address with any issues or questions about TW in the Central region.

It has been a pleasure and an honor working with the wonderful Thrown Weapons community as we worked to become a Kingdom, and having the opportunity to serve the gentles of this wonderful land of ours. I am proud to leave knowing we have one of the strongest TW programs in the Known World. the credit for this goes to all the hard working Marshals, MITs, throwers, and event staff who work year round to keep thrown weapons growing. If you know one of these people, give them a thank you – and if you are one of these people, give yourself a pat on the back. None of this would happen without you!

With best wishes to all, I remain,

Yours in service,


Reminders for TW Marshals and MITs:

  • Domesday Reports are due to your REGIONAL TW Marshal by December 1. They can be submitted online (which will send your report to the right regional), or sent via email, letter, or phone call direct to the Regional (contact information is in the back of the Northwatch, or on the Northshield web site. Whichever way you send a report (carrier pigeon?), they MUST be done. If you do not report, you will be dropped. (If you know that you want to drop out of the TW marshallate, at least do us the courtesy of letting us know, eh?)
  • All MITs should be working to make sure they have a Sponsoring Marshal. See the list on the web site (it will be there by Dec 1).
  • Any use of experimental thrown weapons must follow the Protocols for Experimental Thrown Weapons (also on the TW web site). The ONLY experimental TW allowed at this time are chakram, atlatls, and staff slings.
  • Read the Earl Marshal’s Northwatch letter! Every issue! (If you haven’t done it for this issue, go do it now — I can wait). There, now you’ve done your mandatory bit of reading for each month. You could have missed out on something don’t forget to do it each month...!
  • Stay safe, read your handbooks (no, really – just once, just for me, please?), and most important of all, HAVE FUN.

Other missives from the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO)
Posted by: John Bartholomew of Flanders Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO) on 12/1/2005

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