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Happy Yule, and Happy 12th Night

We wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy year to come

Though it is early to publish thoughts about finding heirs, we sent an unofficial missive (see sidebar at right) in November challenging all groups to work together in their choice of arts and complete a grand project to be presented at crown. Arts and Science are an important corner stone of our society and we believe this challenge, though different from an individual display, will bring together the best in the Kingdom. Special thanks to Our Laurel Daniel who gave us good counsel on this challenge.

While the snow is falling outside, our thoughts move to the war season to come. We hear rumblings from our neighbors to the south and to the East and the Princes of many Kingdoms met together at Boars Head to ‘discuss’ the virtues of their armies. Let this winter season be about training and tournament so Our Army may stand above all other. We wish to see as much fighting as possible at the numerous events we attend through the winter and spring.

We are thoroughly enjoying our time on the throne and we recommend the challenge to anyone. In the next month we will have the official criteria published so those who wish to fight for the Honor to serve the Kingdom of Northshield may. Please also consider fighting in the Tournament of Champions, the winner of each will have an important role in our retinue and is an excellent opportunity to serve the Kingdom.

Thank You, to all those who have taken the time to give us counsel and aid during our first few months as Heirs. We have felt well taken care of at every event we attended.

Please continue to offer suggestions, we welcome new ideas.

Yours Always in Service,

Lars and Mary

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Lars I and Mary I Their Royal Highnesses on 1/1/2006

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