Heinrich von Btandenburg and "mini-me" Heinrich von Btandenburg and "mini-me"


Greetings all Citizens of Northshield

With the festivities of Yule past and the New Year started, We look to make plans for the future. We are looking forward to Our Champions Tournaments on the first weekend of April. The event will feature Heavy Weapons, Arts and Science, and Rapier tournaments and this it will be a fine spectacle, We hope the lists swell with combatants, and the hall is crowded with spectators. As it is not a perfect world and there does not exist a hall to accommodate every aspect of our great society, We will choose the champions of youth, archery, bardic and equestrian at such time that their prowess impresses Us.

In the beginning of the Kingdom of Northshield, King Siegfried and Queen Bridei, and others, worked long and hard to create grant level orders; Order of Tyr for service, Order of Bridget’s Flame for the Arts and/or Sciences, Order of the Destrer for Equestrian Arts, Iron Griffin Legion for Armored Combat, Order of the White Scarf for Rapier Combat and the Order of Aquila for Artillery Arts. Amoung those, only the White Scarf have created an identity (and they had a head start). We wish to invite volenteers from each of these auspicious orders to create an online list dedicated to discussion relating to each specific area. As we well know, the internet is not the only medium for discussion and upon occasion we may call together members of each order to attend and counsel us. Please volunteer directly to Prinz Lars (prince@northshield.org).

As winter winds drive our games and tournaments indoors, we prepare for the war season to come. The summer schedule will be extremely busy so please think about Pennsic, Lillies, WW, Mermaids, Border Skirmish, Ages of War, and Quest. We will have need of strong armies, talented artists, and support from you all to make each of these events fun and exciting.

Yours Always in Service,

Prinz Lars and Prinzessn Mary

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Lars I and Mary I Their Royal Highnesses on 2/1/2006

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